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For Reimbursements

If you need to file for reimbursement because your issue impacted a Magic Online event, please fill out our Request Reimbursement  form instead.

Before You Create a New Report

Before you create a new report, please enter the issue in the Issue Title field below to see if your issue has already been reported. It is a good idea to limit this to a few key words, like a card name or specific feature.

Example:  Shivan Dragon (Note: Partial words won’t bring up results, so use Shivan instead of Shiv)

If your issue has been reported already, click the vote button so that we know you've experienced that bug as well. You can also leave a comment if you'd like to add to the conversation about that bug or provide additional information you think might be useful. 

For New Reports

If your bug has NOT been reported, then please update the Issue Title field to represent the problem you encountered.

Example:  Shivan Dragon’s ability doesn’t work

Choose the Category that matches where the problem was.

Use the Describe Your Idea field to describe what happened.  Please use the following format:
  1. Summary of the problem
  2. A list of steps that led to the problem 
  3. The actual result
  4. What you expected or should have happened

Shivan Dragon’s firebreathing doesn’t work.  Steps are:

  1. Attack with Shivan Dragon. 
  2. After it is blocked, try to pay 1 R mana to give it +1/+0
  3. Actual: It doesn’t get +1/+0 and stays a 5/5
  4. Expected: It becomes a 6/5
Finally, upload any screenshots or other information you might have that will help us investigate.  If you receive an error message that your attachment did not upload, please check to make sure it is smaller than 50 MB.

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