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Companion Feedback

Welcome to the Magic: The Gathering Companion Feedback Page

To Report a Bug or Provide Feedback

Before reporting a bug, check to see if it has already been reported. In the Issue Title below search for specific key terms from your issue.

Example: Shivan Dragon (Note: Partial words won’t show up, so use “Shivan” instead of “Shiv.”)

If your issue has been reported already, simply click the vote button to show us you’ve experienced that issue as well. If you feel you have additional information that could be helpful to us in tracking down the issue please feel free to add it.

If your bug has not been reported, please do so now! Update the Issue Title to reflect the problem you’ve encountered.

Example: Shivan Dragon doesn’t work

Choose the Category that describes your problem.

Describing the problem in the following fashion helps make clear what happened and allows us to investigate the issue faster.

  1. Summarize the problem
  2. List the steps you took that led to the problem
  3. What was the result that happened when you followed those steps
  4. What was the result you expected to happen when you followed those steps

Example: The life tracker didn’t track my life.

  1. Open the life tracker and start a game
  2. Try to remove or add life to my life total
  3. Actual: my life total didn’t change
  4. Expected: my life total goes up or down

You can provide additional information that can also help us conclude an investigation quickly. Great information to include:

1.  What type of device you’re using
2. What version of your operating system you’re using
3. A screenshot of the issue (Note: it must be smaller than 50 mb in size)
4. Whether re-starting the application and attempting the steps again solved the problem

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