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    Organous#60796 commented  · 

    This bug is on PC. If it somehow matters, it is through the Steam launcher.
    I have three quests active right now. Two were nearly complete before the third one arrived. I am receiving no progress from any of them. They are:
    * Cast 20 blue or black spells.
    * Cast 20 white or blue spells.
    * Cast 20 black or green spells.

    I have a Jump Into Middle Earth deck that is blue and green, so it should qualify for all of these. None of them are progressing at all. I was having a big losing streak, so I thought maybe the system suddenly changed to only receiving progress when you actually finish games (I see no problem with conceding when the winner is clear). So, I played a new game. When it was clear I had lost, I proceeded to just make the game a kind of "Judge Tower" where I would do everything possible at the first opportunity. I sent a GG to my opponent to signal that I had surrendered the game. I was actively trying not to stall by playing as quickly as possible, and giving the opponent every opportunity to win as quickly as they could.
    This did not result in any progress.

    Next thought: Maybe we only get progress when we win.
    Ok, so I played another game of Historic Brawl with my Orzhov deck. It would still qualify for all of these. I played a somewhat extensive game and won. Still no progress. So unless the program is even *more* restrictive in that it only counts Alchemy or something, I am reasonably certain that progress is not being tracked.

    Organous#60796 supported this idea  · 

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