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    Ralsunian#53173 commented  · 

    We experienced a similar bug:

    We were playing on PC (Steam, specifically).

    We were playing as a group of three. I was the host, another player experienced the bug.

    The person who experienced the bug was playing as Bruenor.

    No workaround was found. The problem did fix itself once on a reboot, but occurred a second time later and a reboot no longer worked.

    BUG: After returning to camp from a mission, Bruenor's equipment appeared to be reset to the starting gear. However, on entering the menu, we saw that instead all equipment slots appeared totally empty and it was impossible to access any of them to change gear. Character's abilities also did not function and were empty slots. Amount of gold appeared to change as well. The rewards chest was also empty even though we had just finished a mission.

    The character retained his levels.

    We did not experience a lock on entering the regular character menu. However, we also attempted to figure out what was going on by looking in the shopkeeper's menu. This revealed that all the character's equipment had been replaced by placeholder data that read something along the lines of "Insert Equipment Name Here" with a rank of Legendary.

    It was impossible to exit the shop once entered, so that's where we became unable to continue testing.

    We did appear to experience some connection issues preceding both errors. On the first, everyone made it back to the camp. On the second (the one from which we could not recover his equipment), *he* and the other player made it back to the camp, but I, the host, was put back in the mission's final area with no enemies after the results screen closed. I am unsure if these are related.

    The other player and I both retained all our mission rewards and equipment. Only the Bruenor player suffered the bug.

    Please advise if there is any way to restore the equipment to this player - for instance, if we could somehow submit his save file for repair. We are enjoying the actual game a great deal, but the heavy bugs, particularly ones of this nature, are a real problem that will probably mean we need to set it aside if they cannot be fixed.

    Ralsunian#53173 supported this idea  · 

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