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    I hope I'm not overstepping, and this reply only works if it's possible for you to edit your original feedback post, but I took the liberty of polishing up the presentation a bit --- it's been months with no reply, who knows? Maybe they're grammar snobs ;)

    Revised Draft begins ---

    Since the 2021.8.0.3855 update to MTG Arena, access to much of the data relied upon by third-party developers was revoked. We understand that this was a (hopefully) unintentional result of the refactor of your backend that removed the remote procedure PlayerInventory, through which much of this data was exposed.

    Losing access to this data has already broken many popular third-party MTG Arena services; greatly restricted the range of features third-party developers can offer to players; and significantly harmed the community's access to add-ons that many consider an essential part of their Arena experience.

    Of these missing features, the following are the most debilitating:

    ● PlayerInventory.GetPlayerInventory
    ● PlayerInventory.GetPlayerCardsV3
    ● PlayerInventory.CrackBoostersV3
    ● Inventory.Updated
    ● ... as well as endpoints related to Draft

    By restoring PlayerInventory or by some other means, please make the following data available and written to the log:

    ● Player card collection
    ● a record of Player's actions in Draft
    ● updates to Player's inventory
    ● deck data with the previous level of detail, particularly of deck structure (currently, only names and trivial diagnostic data is provided)

    If this restriction of data was accidental, we don't understand why it hasn't been remedied in the months since this was brought to your attention; if this restriction was deliberate, we don't understand why you haven't reached out to your third-party developers to explain the necessity of a change with such negative impact; if reaching out isn't possible for some business, legal, media, property or other reason, we don't understand why you haven't told us at least that much.

    Please and thank you,

    - Third-Party Developers for MTG Arena

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