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SpellTable Bugs & Product Suggestions

Before You Create a New Report

Before creating a new report, please enter the issue in the Issue Title field below to see if your issue has already been reported. It is a good idea to limit this to a few key words, like a device name or specific feature.

Example: webcam not found (Note: Partial words may not bring up results, we recommend to try webcam instead of cam or web cam)

If your issue has been reported already, click the VOTE button so that we know you've experienced that bug as well. You can also leave a comment if you'd like to add to the conversation about that bug or provide additional information you think might be useful.

For New Reports

If your bug has not been reported, please do so now! Update the Issue Title to reflect the problem you’ve encountered.

Example: Logitech Camera doesn’t work

Choose the Category that describes your problem.

Use the Describe your idea field to detail what happened, and provide the following information to allow us to investigate the issue:
  1. Summarize the problem
  2. List the steps you took that led to the problem
  3. What was the result that happened when you followed those steps
  4. What was the result you expected to happen when you followed those steps
Logitech C922 can’t be selected as a camera
Category: Camera Bug
  1. Open SpellTable and start or join a lobby
  2. Select the gear icon to configure inputs
  3. Actual: No input devices are detected under “Camera Source”
  4. Expected: My camera can be selected for “Camera Source”

Additional Information to Provide

You can provide additional information that can also help us perform an investigation quickly. Great information to include:
  1. The brand, model, and/or type of device you’re using (USB webcam, Android/Tablet, iPhone/iPad, etc.)
  2. The version or your operating system you’re using (i.e.: Windows 10, MacOS Big Sur, Android 11, iOS 14, etc.)
  3. Your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.)
  4. A screenshot of the issue or any error messaging received (Note: it must be smaller than 50 mb in size)
  5. The last are simple checks for any camera/microphone issues you might encounter:
  • Ensured permission has been granted for your Camera and Microphone through your preferred browser: Use your camera & microphone
  • Ensured that no other programs are using your Camera or Microphone (you can find information on how to perform this check by searching online)
  • Temporarily disabling any Anti-Virus programs that might disable camera and microphone access (even if you’re already granted it)
  • Tested your camera is working with Online Mic Test

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