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    ravnarok#30389 commented  · 

    Dear mtgarena creators,
    Nobody cares about any of your tournaments because you wont make it through them unless you have sank a ton of money into arena and they have deemed you worthy enough to progress. otherwise you will face the common shuffler issues of getting 10928390948 lands in a row, or the 1 (or 2) cards that are useless against the deck you are playing against in multitudes. If you manage to not get that issue, theyll either mana ********* to where theres no way of winning, or just put you against some weird deck that never climbs the ladder but its good against your deck so youll face it. and no worries, even if you do your homework and see what most people are bringing to the tournament, youll somehow manage to only face the one deck thats good against you, and multiple times. youll never play the common deck everyones playing. This app has totally ruined magic for me. Grats.
    This is posted after facing 3 back to back opponents who played so dumb they couldnt beat a 5 year old with a starter deck, so what does arena do to combat it so they could get their win in? hand me a million lands, back to back to back matches. its getting ridiculous. **** even the youtubers are starting to post it in their videos to show how dumb theyve made it. just wow

    ravnarok#30389 supported this idea  · 

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