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  1. Algorithm Improvement

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    Chiseanne#23820 supported this idea  · 
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    Chiseanne#23820 commented  · 

    You can complain all you want. But there won´t be a change. The fraud you are experiencing here is wanted because it is part of their business idea. You won´t get lucky until you buy something from their shop, then you have a little bit of luck until they decide it is about time you buy something again. Doing this they want you to subconsciously learn that buying is good and not buying leads to frustration. The conman behind this want to maximise their profits, they don´t give a single **** about cour complaints. There is a video on YT that explains Blizzards Hearthstone patent application and how all that works. They are greedy little bastards that aim for the quick money rather than a long lasting customer - relationsship. I´ve been trying to play this FTP for some years, knowing all this was ..well "fun" ? somehow (mostly frustrating). This game is fraud and the company behind ist as as evil as Blizzard and the everygrinning disgusting psychopath Bobby Kotick. The sooner you understand this the better for your own sanity, please believe me that. I would never pay a single cent for this **** because it is a rip-off. Oh and there is this little smiley-minigame in between that asks you how you liked the game - lol. That of course is just a placebo. They want you to believe how much they care lol. That never changed anything and at best it will help them to understand how they can mishandle you even better. If you don´t believe me here is proof : You will almost never get more than 4 cards of land in your opening hand (as long as you have a healthy land/cards relation - about 1/3 land in your deck). Mostly you get 2 nowadays, often enough only 1. Could you possible hold more than that in your starting hand when playing with cards on the table? (hint : the only correct answer here is YES - you can have 6 or 7 lands in your opening hand). That alone should open your eyes.
    They control the outcome of the match with the lands. If they want you to lose you will either get no land when you need it or they spam you with land when you need cards to play.
    Asking them "to fix the shuffler" is like asking them to cheat on you in a different way. There are plenty of videos/websites out there that explains the idea of "matchmaking" (an euphemism for fraud) and how they control the outcome of matches to make you feel a certain way, please educate yourselves. As soon as a gaming company is using "matchmakers" or algorythms you know its fraud. It is the modern equivalent to the mafia using magnets to drag the metal ball into the right box on the roulette-table. Just that this is even worse. Now I feel a little bit like Jesus - I suffered for you so you don´t have to :D .Just give up on this ****, it´s no good. So many games, so little time...

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