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Billie de Bully#27253

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    Billie de Bully#27253 commented  · 

    Dear Wizards of the coast and your Disney overlords,

    I want to thank you for giving me such a ****** draft experience yesterday that made me realize that spending more money and time in the Arena with your absolute horror of a shuffler is absolutely not worth it. Why would i want to invest time and money in something that only frustrates me. Short anwser, I wont. Longer answer, see below.

    More for my own mental processing and the amusement of the people will briefly summarize what made me this frustrated with the game I have played and loved for nearly 30 years. Yes, the caves of Shandalar hold no secrets for me, neither has it ever given me as frustrating a game experience despite all the bugs it had and they were many, I assure you.

    Let me summarize: I was doing a quickdraft Caves of Ixilan and had drafted a very nice RG dino deck and had the fortune to draft 3 on color bomb red rares. ! had a low curve, lots of 2 drops and since i hate being flooded played 16 lands. Awesome deck that should have given me at least 5 wins in the gold tier I am in. However, the shuffler decided differently and I went 0-3 and most importantly (or frustatingly): I HAVENT PLAYED A SINGLE SPELL IN THREE GAMES!!!!!!

    After 3 games and 3 mulligans I had only seen hands with red spells and green many or vice versa. The only time I did have green spells and green lands in hand they were all 3 copies of my fight spell but no creatures to play them on. All 3 games I have tried to draw in a solution and if I had continued to tortures myself I might have landed one or two spells, but winning was out of the question of course, so those were three very quick scoops, 750 crystals less and such boatload of frustration that it makes me want to write it down a day later. Trust me, I have much more important things to do...

    I find it hard to believe that this is the best can do with all of the options available today. Even Shandalar was better thas this 30 years ago, so how is is it possible that this is the sad state of affairs that not only myself but a lot of other players are frustrated by. It doesn't seem a like sound business strategy to frustrate your player base in this manner, but what do I know. Or is there a PTW opt option nobody has told me about?

    I will continue to play paper magic since there I can do my own shuffling and will never statisticly be able to reconstuct what happened yesterday. So thank you Wizards and your inept shuffler, for making me rethink my lifes choices and you can stick your Arena where the sun dont shine!

    Kind regards Johan AKA Billie de Bully

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