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MTG Arena Bugs & Product Suggestions

This page is for reporting bugs and submitting product suggestions. If you are experiencing issues with your account, with an order, or otherwise need customer support, please click here. 

How to report a bug

1.       Give us the steps to reproduce the bug

2.       Note which platform you’re using (PC, Steam, Mac, Android, or iOS)

3.       Enter the actual results you’re experiencing

4.       Enter the expected results of the feature

5.       Add any relevant screenshots/videos

6.       If you found a workaround, please add workaround steps.


Examples of bugs: Incorrect rules interactions, wrong event rewards, issues with client functions like creating decks


How to submit product suggestions

  1. Select “Product Suggestion” as the Category for your suggestion
  2. Enter your feedback
  3. Add any relevant screenshots/videos


Examples of product suggestions: Feedback on visual effects, recommendations for user interface improvements, new feature requests



If you receive an error message that your attachment did not upload, please check to make sure it is smaller than 50 MB.

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MTG Arena Bugs & Product Suggestions


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